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  1. I have had Halifax on my radar to visit for a bit. While living in San Francisco I met 2 different people from Halifax and their stories and photos made me fall in love. I would love to spend a few months there!

    1. Spending an extended time in Nova Scotia would be a dream! My husband and I have seriously discussed moving to Halifax. Hope you get the chance to visit one day!

  2. Peggy’s cove and Lunenburg were my favourite spots when we visited a few years ago! great round up post!

  3. I went to Nova Scotia as a kid with my family and have such fond memories – you’ve really inspired me to go back! I’m based in Toronto, Ontario so it’s totally a doable trip for me. The Cape Split hike looks amazing! Hopefully since Canadian borders are closed for now, I can do some domestic travel to NS this summer. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope you get the chance to visit soon! I was hoping to take another trip to Nova Scotia this fall, so fingers crossed things start opening up again!

    1. Hope you get the chance to visit one day! It’s one of my favorite destinations in the world 🙂

  4. These are fantastic! I went to Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg last year and they were both lovely. Lunenburg is such a uniquely stunning destination 😍

    1. So glad you had a chance to visit Nova Scotia! I agree, Lunenburg is one of my favorite places 🙂

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