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  1. Your dog is so cute :-)! These tips are also amazing for someone who travels with their dog

  2. I can’t believe how cute your dog is!! Digging his own beach chair is simply adorable! I would love to visit Cape Cod, and this is a really helpful guide – thank you so much Megan! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading and responding, Laura! He is certainly resourceful 🙂 Hope you get the chance to visit Cape Cod soon!

  3. Aw your pup is absolutely adorable, I love the pic of him in the sand. Thanks for this guide, it’s a fantastic reminder of how possible it is to travel with your dog along with you.

    1. Yes, it is totally possible! It took a lot of work for us to be able to get there with him, but now we are so glad that we can bring him with on our adventures! Thanks for reading!

  4. Your dog is adorable. I always felt traveling with pets would be difficult which is one of the reasons why I avoided getting one. I might actually stop quoting that as one of the reasons I’m not ready for one. Also love all the pictures and details you have here.

    1. You should give it a try! I’m thinking of putting together a guide on how to travel with your dog, because it definitely takes work and preparation especially at first, but now we are SO glad we can bring him with us when we travel!

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