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  1. What a great little book shop! I always love browsing a cute bookstore, and this one is no exception. Pinning this in case I ever find myself in New England.

  2. This is the cutest bookstore I have ever seen! I would love to spend time there, studying/working/reading drinking coffee by the window! Beautiful picture, by the way, love the warmth that comes to through!

  3. This Montague Bookmill looks so cool! I love exploring quaint bookstores all over the world and this place is certainly one of those. Also love the fact that they have a restaurant and a cafe there as well.

  4. This is an interesting place to explore books.It looks very cozy and the surrounding is also so picturesque. I could imagine to spend a couple of hours there.

  5. I’m lucky to live near the Montague Book Mill and visit often. It’s a true gem. You nailed the description. Also , the biking around the Bookmill is awesome.

    1. Oh lucky you! I would love to be able to visit all the time. Next time I’ll bring my bike, thanks for the suggestion!

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