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  1. I don’t usually have to buy gifts for men but when I do… I get so confused haha. This is a great list Megan, I’d come back to it!

    1. I agree, gift ideas for guys are so much harder! Glad you found it helpful, thanks for reading, Cassie!

  2. Loved all the men/dad items! More than half would awesome for an adventure Momma too! Favorite might be the National Park Candle.

    1. So true, lots of Mommas would love these too! Thanks for taking the time to read, Michelle!

  3. This is perfect for my dad! He’s been loving travelling so much since the last year and he has so many plans for the upcoming year.

  4. This is such an awesome list! Not only for men who love to travel but guys who have to travel in general would appreciate these too!

  5. I know which is my favourite; the Apple Airpods. They’re small, lightweight, and replace those mess of wires always trailing out of standard earbuds.

  6. This is a wonderful list of gifts for Father’s Day. What I like is that you have covered a range of items. It is always a challenge to select the correct gift, and this list will be really helpful. I guess the best gifts which Father’s like are those with a utilitarian value, unlike moms who prefer more sentimental gifts.

  7. Ooh so many things I love from this list! I find it so hard to find gifts for men so this is something I will save and refer to later

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