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  1. Ah this is perfect! Me and my mom always have mother-daughter trips (not this year sadly) and I’ve been thinking about her Mothers Day gift.

    1. I had a mother-daughter trip planned too and was so bummed to have to cancel! But these are good substitutes in the meantime. Thanks for reading and stay well!

  2. These are such great idea. I would love to have a set of those pajamas. I bet they feel amazing! I’m sending this to my daughter ;)

    1. They are so soft and cozy! I have a pair for myself as well and have gifted to every female member of my family :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Great suggestions! I am planning of buying my mom sleepwear (she is in the UK now but wasn’t able to send her a gift last March) which will be delivered to her address. Plus I will send her a video of Spice Girls’ Mama :D

  4. I love the passport covers! Especially if it has pockets and zippers inside. Such a great gift idea for mum!

  5. Super cute! My mom likes the idea of traveling, but not actually traveling haha (it’s hard on her health). I feel like these gifts would be a good alternative!

  6. Such a cute idea for a post! I love the Alex * Ani bracelets — my mom LOVES them. They are a great reminder of memories and have a lot of meaning. I like the macaron idea too. So yummy.

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