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  1. A weekend trip to Nantucket sounds like the perfect city escape, I love biking to explore an area. Did you bring your own bikes or are you able to rent once you’re there?

    Great guide!

    1. We brought our own – it was only a small fee on the ferry. But you can also easily rent them when you get to the island as well!

  2. I’m from the northeast and still haven’t been to Nantucket! I even went to school in Boston. Thanks for this post – I’m definitely saving it for later for a possible trip once more restrictions are lifted.

  3. So travel inspiring! I have never been to Nantucket… and I am from Mass! I am putting this on my to do list 😉

  4. I love New England and am planning on a road trip through New England with my Husband so will add Nantucket Island to the list! Thank you!

  5. This looks like such a cute and idyllic place to visit! So much of the New England charm that I always picture when I think of the East Coast. Thanks for great tips, I hope I’ll get the chance to visit one day 🙂

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